Unique recording of Issa Baizakov's voice restored

Unique recording of Issa Baizakov's voice restored

Previously unknown historical facts about the life and work of Issa Baizakov are being studied in Pavlodar. In the archive collections, the staff of the Bukhar Zhyrau Literature and Art Museum came across the manuscripts of the improvising akyn. Unique ancient records in Arabic will now be carefully studied by scholars.

“These are Issa Baizakov's manuscripts in Arabic. Our staff is now digitizing the records. We already know that there are three pieces in the notebook. One of them is called "Altyn Balyk". As soon as we finish the translation, we can say exactly whether they are the embodiment of the author,” said Yerbol Kairov, Director of Bukhar Zhyrau Literature and Art Museum.

Historians also managed to restore an old tape with the recording of Issa Baizakov's voice.

“This 30-second fragment of Issa Baizakov's voice was restored in the best possible form. The exhibit was preserved quite well. We’ll try to make a fragment of the recording a national wealth,” added Amangeldi Kozhanov, Head of Issa Baizakov Regional Philharmonic.


Translation by Assem Zhanmukhanova

Editing by Galiya Khassenkhanova