Uzben Kurmanbaiuly’s book presentation

A book by a famous public figure Uzben Kurmanbaiuly was presented in Nur-Sultan. The work contains the author’s reflections on the formation of a tolerant and peaceful society. The book reflects the ideology of Kazakhstan’s competitiveness in the world arena, which is primarily supported by the spiritual development of the nation. The author believes that this concept was reflected in the article of the First President of Kazakhstan ‘Course towards the Future: Modernization of Kazakhstan’s Identity’.

“How to build a peaceful society? That’s the idea behind the article by the First President of Kazakhstan. We need to cultivate in our society only good, life values, which, in fact, are already in our mentality and in our minds. Our ancestors have always demonstrated kindness and mercy to others. These qualities always dwell in the hearts of our nation. This philosophy is also reflected in the works of Al-Farabi and Abai,” said the writer Uzben Kurmanbaiuly.

“The book contains the idea of the country’s First President ‘Modernization of Kazakhstan’s Identity’ and current President’s concept of a “responsive government”. As Abai said, human beings have to love each other, and this is the basis for creation, for establishing a compassionate society,” stressed the Doctor of Medical Science, Professor Zhassan Zekeiuly.

The book was published with the support of the Otandastar Foundation. Kurmanbaiuly has previously written numerous works, including ‘Happiness Has Returned, Dream Has Been Fulfilled, ‘Eternal Country’, ‘Independence is a Gift of Destiny’, ‘Truth’ and ‘Courage and National Identity’. Each of his works is unique in its own way, and most importantly, receives true reviews from readers.