Value of silver jewelry in Turkic world

What does jewelry must-have of recent years look like? Perhaps it is more extraordinary than ever. On podium oversize earrings, brooches in the form of insects with decoration made of Swarovski iridescent stones, fur bracelets and cute boho accessories in the form of laces with bone figures, large medallions and pendants rule the day. Designers revived fashion to coral, and in general, took a favorable view of the emphasized "craft" ornamental with stones or their imitation.

As for framing, this season silver is more popular than gold, so it is worth to choose silver or platinum jewelry, or gold products made from white metal. However, it is better to forget about pink and yellow gold in the near future.

This trend caught Kazakh fashionistas’ fancy, who increasingly turn to the roots and choose silver, which is sacred for all Turkic peoples.