Victoria Charbonneau

Very few people can make such a sharp turn in life as Victoria Charbonneau. 20 years ago she sold her home in Virginia and left behind a prosperous life in America to move to Taraz and help those who need protection and care most - children without parental involvement. Victoria, originally from Waynesboro, Virginia, and her faithful companion Elizabeth Turnock, from Indiana, became co-founders of the Kamkor Zhurek (Caring Heart) Foundation, because they realized that they could not ignore the little ones they met during time of short visits as volunteers with the American charity delegation. Since then, they have released dozens of teenagers into independent life, and most importantly, they have managed to heal their mental wounds, soothe their childhood pain... Victoria believes, the most important thing is that they are happy that they once decided to give themselves all to Kazakhstan’s children, and they try their best to bring love into their lives. They will continue to walk this path as long as the heart beats. Meet the next lady hero of the My Day in Kazakhstan program Victoria Charbonneau!