Video about traveling to Kazakhstan wins two prizes in Europe

A domestic video showcasing a journey to Kazakhstan won two main prizes at the annual ART&TUR International Tourism Film Festival in Portugal. This two-minute video beautifully captures the natural landscapes and historical landmarks of the country of the Great Steppe. In the video, travel bloggers from Qatar, Belgium, and Kazakhstan explore Turkistan and the vicinity of Almaty, encouraging viewers to discover the country from a new perspective.

“The video titled ‘Kazakhstan - Like Never Before’ won in two major categories, namely Destination - Countries and Advertising Campaign. This is not the first victory of our country at this festival. In 2021, the award for the best country video went to ‘Travelstan’, also produced by the Kazakh Tourism National Company, and last year, the communication project ‘Kazakhstan by Thomas and Lucy Atkinson’ secured the second place,” said Yernur Kenzhebekov, Press Secretary of Kazakh Tourism National Company.

It is noteworthy that the winners were selected by an international jury of experts in the fields of cinema, tourism, marketing and communications. The competition entries included not only independent travel videos, but also advertising campaigns, films, animations, web articles, and television programs.