Video version of gala concert ‘The Planet of Art 2023’ presented in Almaty

Video version of gala concert ‘The Planet of Art 2023’ presented in Almaty

A video version of the gala concert ‘The Planet of Art 2023’ with the thematic concept ‘Let’s Unite Hearts’ was showcased in the city of Almaty. Given that 2023 was declared the International Year of Dialogue as a Guarantee of Peace, according to the UN General Assembly resolution, the musical series is dedicated to advancing this initiative. It is noteworthy that the musical cycle, held in Astana during this summer, brought together representatives of foreign and domestic musical cultures.

“This year, the project was special as it brought together an incredible number of talented youths not only from Kazakhstan but also from abroad. This summer, they had a unique opportunity to visit Almaty and Pavlodar, where they underwent an intensive preparatory program with mentors and creative professionals. Then there were two wonderful gala concerts. It’s a unique project that offers children the chance to develop their creative skills in music, vocals and choreography on a free basis, while also gaining valuable experience,” said Sabina Akzharova, Vice President for Communications and International Cooperation of Kazakhstan National Federation of Clubs for UNESCO.

It is worth noting that this year marked the fifth edition of the festival. 42 laureates, aged 12 to 18, reached the finals. Participants came from all over Kazakhstan, as well as from Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Russia and Uzbekistan. Among them was a young female vocalist from Almaty. The organizers believe that such events not only unite young talents but also offer the opportunity to immerse in global musical culture.

Here’s what young participants have to say about the event:

- I particularly enjoyed this competition festival. I experienced unforgettable emotions and made new acquaintances. Overall, I think it's one of the best competitions I've ever been a part of.

- I got incredible impressions. At this concert, I formed many new friendships that developed into close bonds. I miss my friends every day, as they have become like family to me.