Vincent Hamilton: Kazakhs are very generous

International pilot Vincent Hamilton is from Sweden. He has been residing in an international hotel in Astana for a year and a half, but his visits here rarely exceed 2-3 days in a row - until his next trip to another country. As a result, he strives to spend his free time as productively as possible. He dislikes sleeping in hotel rooms after flights, so he goes on a horseback ride tens of kilometers from the capital and makes a BBQ in the snow nearly immediately after arriving. Vincent has previously taken part in global televised survival projects. The ability to adapt to the wild and cook outdoors were crucial factors in his success there, which he gladly demonstrates to the program's audience. He managed to locate numerous intriguing activities in the Kazakh capital and its surroundings for a year and a half. So he not only spends time outside the city for two days, but also skates in the Ice Palace, does archery, plays tennis, attends dance lessons, and, of course, meets Kazakh friends. Meet Vincent Hamilton, the next My Day in Kazakhstan hero!