Vivat, Nero, Monster Kids Crew Dance Groups

One day famous singer Rosa Rymbayeva noticed a young and unknown show ballet “Vivat” and she invited them to participate in her new concert program and predicted a great success to the dance group. She was right, cooperation with many other stars, solo concerts in the most prestigious halls of the country, festivals, tours and so on followed. What 's ahead? What are the goals of a famous collective?

Baku show ballet "Nero" is 12 years old. It is popular not only in Azerbaijan. Strong professionalism of the dancers, their creativity caught the attention of many stars of the show business and filmmakers.

In 2019 the school of dance of Sergey Zlotnikov turned 14 years. He has two teams, one of which has already earned the love and recognition of the public not only in Uzbekistan, but beyond. It is enough to remember work with the most popular band “A-Studio" or, for example, with the Russian singer Nyusha.