Water consumption in Kazakhstan could grow by 56% by 2040

Water consumption in Kazakhstan could grow by 56% by 2040

It is necessary to repair canals and reservoirs, and introduce automated water management in Kazakhstan, the country’s Prime Minister Alikhan Smailov said during a government meeting. He stressed that water consumption in the country could grow by 56 percent by 2040, whereas the shortage of water resources would reach 12 cubic kilometers per year. Given this, Smailov gave a number of instructions to relevant departments. Among them is coming to a clear position on water diplomacy, and bringing it to advance within the intergovernmental commissions.

“I instruct the Agriculture Ministry together with interested government agencies to address the issue of differentiating subsidies for reimbursement of water supply services, depending on the methods of irrigation. The Ministry of National Economy with the Ministries of Agriculture and Ecology, should elaborate on introducing fees for the volume of irrigation water used, not for water use per one hectare of irrigated land. This will improve water resources management,” the PM said.

Smailov also instructed the mayoral offices to take special control over the issue of efficient use of water. He pointed out the need for timely implementation of roadmaps for digitalization and automation of water facilities.

“It is essential to encourage by state support measures the owners of canals and reservoirs, in the clear fulfillment of their obligations, to repair and improve water resources management. Better distribution of irrigation water is needed as well. Mayors’ offices should constantly carry out explanatory work among farmers to reduce the areas of water-intensive crops. It is important to ensure careful water consumption, by revising the tariff setting for irrigation water inclusively,” Smailov added.


Translation by Saniya Sakenova

Editing by Galiya Khassenkhanova