Wellness tourism gains popularity in Kazakhstan

Wellness tourism gains popularity in Kazakhstan

Wellness tourism is the best post-pandemic activity. Kumis treatment centers are being opened everywhere in the Turkistan region. Such health resorts are indispensable for those who wish to boost their immune system. Nowadays, the village of Dikhankol is famous for its high-quality healing drink. Tourists believe that local residents have a special secret of making such delicious kumis. The farmers themselves admit that it all has to do with nature because they have a huge variety of mountain grasses. Every day, local residents send up to 3,000 tonnes of kumis for sale.

“There are not many villages in our country that produce kumis on such a scale. 80 percent of our population is engaged in making it. The villagers have already started to open their centers. It’s a natural product, that is why it’s so popular,” said Kairat Kipshakov, Governor of Kogaly rural district, Turkistan region.

“All of Kazakhstan knows about Dikhankol. People from different parts of the country come here, including tourists from Atyrau, Aktau, from western Kazakhstan. Tourists like our kumis,” said Nurbolat Abildayev, entrepreneur.

According to entrepreneurs, saumal is also becoming increasingly popular. The healing properties of fresh mare’s milk are legendary. However, doctors advise people think of national drinks, namely saumal and kumis, not as a remedy for all diseases, but as a tool for strengthening the immune system. And it is important to use it the right way.

“Patients are not treated with kumis. In case of severe disease, it is necessary to seek medical assistance. And these drinks can be used to maintain a healthy immune system. Kumis is used to restore the body after illness, to strengthen it,” said Zhanar Kantayeva, cardiologist.

Turkistan region intends to develop not only wellness tourism, but also ecotourism. For this, special tours are planned to be organized.



Translation by Assem Zhanmukhanova

Editing by Saule Mukhamejanova