What are self-leveling floors bags made of?

01:17 The presenter arrives at the plant for the production of dry building mixtures.

01:45 25 years ago, this place was just the ruins of an abandoned industrial complex.

02:00 INTERVIEW: we started building a plant in the 90s.

02:23 How the term “Euro-standard repair” appeared in Kazakhstan.

02:38 INTERVIEW: The products of our brand are of high quality, but much more affordable for the domestic buyer.

03:08 For the successful implementation of Euro-standard repairs, only special high-quality materials are needed.

03:23 The shipment of raw materials begins at the plant’s own railway line.

03:46 Hundreds of tons of components for future mixtures are stored in the warehouse.

03:56 INTERVIEW: Temperature and climatic conditions for storing raw materials are very important.

04:47 Before mixing products, raw materials are tested in the laboratory.

05:07 INTERVIEW: We test components on high-quality European equipment.

05:41 After checking in the laboratory, experts mix the test versions of the mixtures.

05:55 INTERVIEW: We test samples for different characteristics.

06:30 Raw materials are transported to the silos by conveyors.

06:47 INTERVIEW: we have installed European equipment, which provides the accuracy of the dosage of chemical components.