What groups of citizens Kazakhstan’s declaration will apply to in 2023?

Information on immovable property and vehicles registered with the authorized bodies does not have to be included in the declaration of income. The state revenue authorities already have this data. The property registered abroad should be specified in the document, according to the State Revenue Committee of the Kazakh Finance Ministry. Starting from January 1, 2023, the declaration will be required for employees of government agencies, quasi-sector entities, and their spouses. This equals more than 1,500 people. The document must specify the exact amount, which shall not exceed 10,000 monthly calculation index or 30,630,000 tenge.

“There is no longer need to indicate this information. We, for our part, cannot demand from citizens that they keep their money in banks or at home, or anywhere else. Because everyone has the right to manage their money independently, they know where to keep it, they can buy real estate with it, and invest it, and we have to preserve that right. The law does not say that you have to keep your money in the bank,” stated Ainur Sartayeva, Spokesperson for the State Revenue Committee of the Kazakh Finance Ministry.

The third stage of the unified declaration will be launched in Kazakhstan from 2024. It will be targeted to directors, founders of legal entities, sole traders, and their spouses. In 2025, the procedure will be extended to other categories of citizens.