What is the secret of success of creativity and joint union of Bapanov family?

In this episode of the Museum Stories Yekaterina Reznikova, PhD in History of Art, presents the creative work of the artists Alibay and Saule Bapanov, masters of tapestry and felt making. 01:26 What is the secret of success of the creativity and the joint union of the Bapanov family?

02:45 How and when did Saule Bapanova first get to know the Abylkhan Kasteyev State Museum of Arts?

03:45 How often do the Bapanovs come up with joint ideas and how are they embodied in joint projects?

05:06 Why is the training of young generation of artists so important for the masters of Kazakh tapestry and felt making?

07:09 Why did Alibay Bapanov call his personal exhibition "Heaven and Earth"?

08:08 How is the ancient Turkic culture rethought in Alibay Bapanov’s creative activity?

10:37 How was the idea of the technique of combining tuskiiz with acrylic born?

12:31 How was the work “A Conversation with Heaven” created?

14:21 What artistic symbols are hidden in the work "A Black Lamb"?

16:10 What events in the life of artists are associated with the work "Youth"?

18:35 Why is the work "Pre-Holiday Fuss" considered an experimental work of the Bapanovs?