Where was the kingdom of the Amazons?

“By the tenth winter of her life, she was very capable, but the most important thing was that she was already quite able to defend herself. Of course, she was still unable to face an adult warrior. Although, considering these arrows, it is still unclear who would emerge victorious in a battle. The girl smiled and dipped the tip into a small container - this poison will make her arrows deadly. " From the legends of the Amazons.

It is unlikely that the little Amazon could have imagined that her existence would become such a great mystery for her distant descendants. For the next three millennia, legends will be told about her and the members of her tribe.

Popova - The theme of a woman warrior, especially in the western regions of Kazakhstan, was very much alive at the beginning of the 20th century

But what nation did this ancient sisterhood belong to? Were they mythical creatures or real people? How were the men actually treated, and where should one look for an exclusively female kingdom? The Valkyries of the Steppe - a detailed story.