Who are the modern nomads? Orgil Bat

Who are the modern nomads? They are not like the ancient nomadic peoples who used to cover great distances, experiencing a challenging life in the harsh conditions of the Eurasian continent. Modern nomads easily change their place of residence, moving from one city to another and from one country to another to study or work. Orgil Bat is one of the brightest representatives of this generation of our contemporaries. Originally from Mongolia, he has been living in Kazakhstan for the third year. His parents moved to Sweden when he was still a toddler. Later, he studied in the USA. Subsequently, he returned home for a year and after a short time ended up in Kazakhstan, where he first worked for an international company, and then met a future business partner who invited him to join a travel company team that promotes Kazakhstan as a gateway to Central Asia. The program’s hero kindly shares his thoughts and impressions about our country, admires its rapid development, introduces his friends and colleagues, goes in for sports, and on the day off, despite the sudden cold snap, has a picnic near Koyandy Lake. Greet Orgil Bat, the first hero of the My Day in Kazakhstan program in the new season!

1:32 - Шай ишесин ба? (Would you like some tea?) - the hero’s favorite phrase in Kazakh

3:19 The main thing is to eliminate distraction from social networks and e-mail in the morning

4:21 composer and performer of own songs in Mongolian

6:22 the capital’s embankment is changing rapidly

7:17 morning catch

10:18 welcome to my office!

11:15 Kazakhstan is the gateway to Central Asia

13:08 – My work requires creativity

14:53 music festival on the Yessil River embankment

15:37 unexpected meeting

17:41 chicken wings in spicy sauce - something that is always on the table

18:57 in the Botanical Garden for the first time

21:14 - First you need to stretch your muscles!

22:51 – Hello! What’s your name? – a foreign guest is always of interest

24:45 - You just need to enjoy life, meet people, discover the world and travel

25:51 go for a picnic!

28:07 - The Kazakh steppe reminds me of home and allows me to touch the roots