WHO names Kazakhstan as global leader in primary health care

Kazakhstan is one of the global leaders in primary health care, stated representatives of the World Health Organization (WHO). The WHO said Kazakhstan has significantly improved its position in the Global Health Security Index, with results that have doubled over the past decade, surpassing those of European nations. The country has some of the most advanced indicators for increasing life expectancy, experts noted.

“In Almaty, there’s a WHO Euro region center for primary health care. And that’s like a hub for learning. It’s a demonstration site in a sense that it demonstrates how PHC can be implemented in action. And I know some delegations from Central Asia visited demonstration site for learning and for exchange. I think Kazakhstan and our center can further expand that experience to other countries in the region to do the same,” said Suraya Dalil, director of the WHO Special Programme on Primary Health Care.

“Our goal is to sign very soon cooperation agreement between France and Kazakhstan in the field of health. At the core of our partnership, this is the access of remote population in the regions. Kazakhstan is a very large country. It would be more interesting to monitor also the way you develop hospitals,” shared Jerome Weinbach, deputy director of the EU and International Affairs Division at the French Ministry of Health.