Why do Europeans choose Kazakhstan to study?

Why do Europeans choose Kazakhstan to study and get a doctorate degree in the Kazakh capital at one of the country’s best universities? What attracts them to a sunny city with a river that divides it into two parts: old and new. The answers to these questions can be obtained from a PhD student from Germany, Eva Lennartz, who is studying for the second semester at the Nazarbayev University. She is set to write a thesis work on Eurasian studies, likes history and anthropology. Viewers will get to know the university through the eyes of a foreign student, participate with Eva in the Sunday race, support international athletes competing in the Ironman race, try a bungee in the Jetysu park with Eva’s friend Jawid from Afghanistan, meet the parents who came to visit their daughter from Dusseldorf and walk with them around the university campus, visit the new capital mosque - the largest in Central Asia, and explore the city onboard a pleasure boat. Meet Eva Lennartz, the heroine of the My Day in Kazakhstan program!

2:42 – I arrived 15 minutes early for training, because I’m from Germany.

3:14 Let’s go to the running track

5:09 Ironman competitions in the capital’s Triathlon Park!

6:38 – Even though I was late to the Azerbaijani restaurant, my friend was even more late

10:44 extreme entertainment (zipline) is available at the Jetysu park

14:24 online German lesson for a Czech student

15:42 the first lesson of the second semester at the University

16:46 a friendly barista will always cheer you up

17:51 – Shhhh! we are at the university library

20:55 Turkish professor tests Eva’s language skills

22:23 meeting with parents at the hotel

23:43 – Oh, you can show movies in the university conference hall!

25:02 the largest mosque in Central Asia opened its doors in the capital of Kazakhstan

26:48 an unforgettable panorama of the city – a view from the Yessil River