Winter activities in Nur-Sultan

Nur-Sultan has turned into a real winter fairy tale. Dozens of decorated New Year trees, sledding hills, ice rinks and towns appeared in the Kazakhstan’s capital. We drove all over the city and found out which places for entertainment are the most popular among the population.

While some people keep finishing salads from the festive table, others choose active leisure, despite the frost. Sledding hills are at the TOP ranking among both children and adults. Most people gather on the Yesil River Embankment.

“It is very beautiful here. Everything is done well this year, it is a pleasure to be here. Every year we go to sledding hills, but this one is our favorite. After all, this is our old city area at the Yesil River”.

“A lot of sledding hills were made this year, probably because of the quarantine, since people were banned from gatherings. The number of hills has doubled on the embankment comparing to last years. A new hill was made for snowboarders”.

It is not even a sledding hill, it is a whole track for snowboarding in Nur-Sultan. A snow park with an area of over 700 square meters was built in the very center of the capital. This is one of the first areas for extreme winter sports in Kazakhstan.

“It is very great that there is a jibbing area in Nur-Sultan. If everything is developed well, it seems to me that jibbing level will be higher than in Almaty in five-ten years”, said the snowboarder Alexander Kuchura.

Organizers promised that in the future there will be hills for mass skating. This year things are going quite good with active leisure in the capital. Nur-Sultan has about 30 big hills and almost in every district. There are beautiful ice rinks, as well. A free new rink opened at the Expo a month ago. Other skating rinks work in the Kazakh Yeli Square, in Nur-Sultan Botanical Garden, near the “Khan Shatyr” shopping and entertainment center and in the capital’s parks. Thematic winter towns are especially popular. For example, you can plunge into the atmosphere of the popular TV series “Game of Thrones” by visiting the triathlon park.

“Everyone is happy. It is such an opportunity to gather here and enjoy ice skating”.

“Everything is well decorated. It brings the New Year’s mood”.

Frost hit quite strongly this January. Those who do not like such weather can spend time watching New Year’s films now also in cinemas, which started to work in Kazakhstan’s capital at the end of December.