Winter Olympic village ready to welcome athletes

Winter Olympic village ready to welcome athletes

A little over a month is left before the start of the Winter Olympics in Beijing. The largest and most important sports event will be held for 24th time. The Olympic village is ready to welcome athletes. Hotels were specially built for the competitors in the city’s central district. Organizers placed special emphasis on ensuring security measures against COVID-19.

“It will be possible to use both air conditioning and a special outdoor air circulation system to ventilate the apartments during the Winter Olympics and Paralympics,” said Li Bin, a manager of Resident Services, Beijing Olympic Village.

“We have fast food restaurants, cafes, convenience stores, dry cleaners and hairdressing salons. Also, exhibitions of traditional Chinese culture,” said Qu Songming, a manager of Plaza Area, Beijing Olympic Village.

Sport fans around the world will not be able to attend the upcoming Olympics in Beijing due to the pandemic. Winter games in China will be visited only by local residents. Unfortunately, the world sports competition can be watched only online. Sport fans from Kazakhstan are also planning to support domestic athletes, albeit at a distance. At present, athletes who represent Kazakhstan are actively preparing for the upcoming competitions. They are about to undergo final test on the territory of the country before the games. The list of national teams participating in the Olympics will be officially announced in January.


Translation end editing by Saniya Sakenova