Wooden utensils, Brooch as a little panel. How shoes are made?

The traditions of making wooden utensils are originated deep into centuries. Having passed a long way of its existence and being in an unseen dialogue with human, utensils made of wood changed their appearance, transformed and improved. Wood, being one of the first materials, the processing of which has been mastered by man, does not lose its relevance nowadays, the range of its usage is very wide - from compact items and decorative elements to carved sculptures and magnificent dishes. Dishes for kumys are considered to be a model of mastering the technique of making household utensils. We will tell a story of its skilled invention, grace of form and ornamentality.

Brooch is definitely the Queen of Jewelry. An attribute of luxury, wealth and refined taste. «Whatever dress style we choose, it should have an idea that expresses our mood, individuality and inner world. The brooch will give an elegance to the casual outfit and glitter to the best outfit. It serves for this purpose», - the artist, designer Aigerim K    aribayeva is sure about it. Her work is always full of national ideas combined with modern techniques and new materials.

It is difficult to imagine our lives without shoes protecting us from cold and slippery roads, from hot asphalt and dusty paths. On average, a person passes 10,000 steps per day, or about 8 kilometers.  How footwear is made? Who invented high-heeled shoes? You will learn about this in our today's episode.