Yakov Khan and Kenzhebek Chekirov. What is parenting?

What is parenting? And how do famous parents approach parenting? A few generations of jazz lovers in Kazakhstan are familiar with the name Yakov Khan. He is a famous musician, conductor and teacher. And, despite the fact that he is already almost 80, for many he is simply wonderful, kind, talented, forever young, energetic and genious Uncle Yasha, who is devoted to music and passes on his rich experience to new jazz musicians. According to Yakov Khan, being a professional musician, playing in a band is a one thing. But teaching the basics of orchestra music, to pass on to children the love of jazz is a completely different thing.
This story is also about the founder of grappling and one of the most experienced coaches on mixed martial arts in Kyrgyzstan, Kenzhebek Chekirov. He believes that many parents make the main mistake when they try to make a wunderkind out of their child. Our hero was convinced of this from personal experience.