Youth Represent Modern Kazakhstan

Nowadays courage, entrepreneurial spirit and creativity are the qualities that characterize Kazakhstan’s youth. One of the brightest representatives of the new generation is Kyran Talapbek, a cameraman and filmmaker, who has already become famous at the age of 23. The young talented man has the motto “turn your hobby into a profitable business and you will never lose”. Kyran achieved financial independence at the age of 15. He actually knows that success in life directly depends on tireless work.

“Success does not come suddenly. There is always a huge work behind it. People appreciated my work only from the 52nd video, which I published. Before that, we worked tirelessly, even if there were no results and positive feedback. That video became successful. People immediately started watching other works and evaluated them. Sooner or later, efforts will be assessed. The main thing is to work hard”, said the filmmaker Kyran Talapbek.

Rafael Fatkhelyanov also agrees with Talapbek. He began his career as a trampolinist, and now he is an artist of the legendary Cirque du Soleil. Even though the circus has not been working for the last six months, Fatkhelyanov returned to his homeland and started his own business - he doesn’t like just sitting around.

“I have been in Kazakhstan since March 14. Before that, I was involved in sports all my life. When I arrived in Kazakhstan, I didn’t really know what to do at all for a while. Despite that, I opened my own food-service business. I plan a few more projects that are now at the opening stage. The main idea that I wanted to share with young people is to never give up, because life goes on,” said the performer at Cirque Du Soleil Rafael Fatkhelyanov.

Nowadays, the achievements of a new generation of Kazakh citizens can certainly benefit the image of the young and independent country.