Zhuldyz Abdukarimova tells about Mrs. Universe 2020 Pageant

For the first time, the winner of the Mrs. Universe pageant became a contestant from Kazakhstan. Zhuldyz Abdukarimova told how she became the winner of the beauty pageant. The pageant was held online and the contestants had to send a short video presentation about their life. The commission chose Zhuldyz out of 148 applicants. Zhuldyz is a mother of four children. She managed to get major votes. Abdukarimova said that she has enormous plans. She wants to do charity work. She will conduct free online training for Kazakh mothers. The winner of pageant also shared her thoughts about social media comments telling that she had won because of her famous husband. She said that this factor also played its part, because fans of the famous singer rushed to support the contestant from Kazakhstan. However, the organizers said that Abdukarimova had every chance to win.

“Zhuldyz and I agreed to make less posts and not to ask people to support us, because the website could have faced an outage,” said Aray Alimkhan, Official Representative of Mrs. Universe Pageant in Kazakhstan.

“Team of professionals helped me, including screenwriters and videographers. I am very happy with my victory. First of all, it is the team’s effort, secondly, the great support of people of Kazakhstan. I’m grateful to everyone, who voted for me,” said Zhuldyz Abdukarimova, Mrs. Universe 2020.